Bikuu -Yamigiri no Chi

Bikuu -Yamigiri no Chi is a 2015 feature film and a spin-off of the TV series Garo: Makai no Hana. The film is part of an ongoing project to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Garo Series. It centers around the story of Makai Priestess Bikuu, portrayed by Sayaka Akimoto and her duties as a Darkness Hunter.

The film was featured as an entry of the 2015 Tokyo International Film Festival and was screened for a special preview on October 22, 2015.

Biku: Yamigirinochi

Bikuu -Yamigiri no Chi English sub

The film opens with Bikuu chasing and battling a fallen Makai Priestess under the sea, eventually both resurfacing and taking their fight on land. Bikuu then uses the Soul Insertion Jutsu and shatters the Priestess’ black sphere, killing her, before ultimately cremating her body.

Three years later, Bikuu is approached by a young Makai Priest named Daichi and she uses the Soul Insertion Jutsu to extract her next mission from him. Daichi immediately asks Bikuu to train him to be a Darkness Hunter, and when he gets coldly turned down, he still tags along as Bikuu confronts her next target.

Biku: Yamigirinochi

Bikuu -Yamigiri no Chi 2015

A battle takes place between Bikuu and the fallen Makai Priest, but when she uses her technique on the Makai Priest, she only enters a husk of an empty spirit and the priest’s body suddenly disintegrates, inferring that the Priest can use the Soul Insertion Jutsu as well.

Biku: Yamigirinochi

Bikuu -Yamigiri no Chi – The Movie 2015

Bikuu meets up with a Makai Priestess named Saya and she escorts her and Daichi to Byakkai, a former Darkness Hunter who was imprisoned by the Senate and is Bikuu’s master. Byakkai reveals that the only person who has this ability is Zesshin, a fallen Darkness Hunter who originally created the Soul Insertion Jutsu. He speculates that Zesshin is using the technique to transfer his soul to different bodies and is looking for his ideal host to possess.

When Bikuu mentions that Zesshin was supposedly killed by Byakkai, he confesses that he only captured and imprisoned the Makai Priest elsewhere. As the Makai Priests leave, Byakkai tells Saya about Daichi’s Alaya-Vijnana, a special mark that brings fortune to those who possess them. At the same time, Daichi reveals to Bikuu that her mother was the same Makai Priestess that she killed three years prior, though he admits that he never bore a grudge against her and wants her to train him as a Darkness Hunter to atone for her mother’s sins, though Bikuu would once again decline.