Kyojuu Tokusou Juspion

Kyojuu Tokusou Juspion , also known as Space Wolf Juspion, is a Japanese tokusatsu television series and part of the Metal Hero Seriesfranchise. Produced by Toei Company, it was originally broadcast from 15 March 1985 to 24 March 1986, running for 46 episodes.

Kyojuu Tokusou Juspion English sub

The name “Juspion” is a portmanteau of “Justice” and “Champion”. The series was aired in Brazil in 1988 and enjoyed unprecedent success in that country, eventually paving the way to other tokusatsu television series in Brazilian television.

For distribution purposes, Toei refers to this television series as Jaspion.

Kyojuu Tokusou Juspion 1985

In February 2018, it was announced that Jaspion would get a remake movie produced by Brazilian company Sato Company, with Toei’s endorsement and approval. The movie’s cast is expected to be announced in 2019, with the film set to be released in 2020.